Thursday, April 13, 2006

Even non-music types can do these...

Even though I had a passion for music, I was never musically inclined; so, I had to find way to express my passion in other ways.

    1. Hold a Music Festival. Luke Bronin's deep love of folk and country music was manifest in the New Haven Folk Festival, a non-profit cultural event celebrating folk music and arts, of which Luke was co-founder and director.
    2. Have a music collection? Categorize, alphabetize or create an XML file of your collection. Display on your web site.
    3. Meet with friends to discuss and critique new music.
    4. Hold an Ode to my Favorite Artist week. Immerse yourself in the music and biographies of your favorite artist. Wear clothing and memorabilia of the artist. Share your favorite with others, telling them of your special week.
    5. If you are musically inclined, be a DJ or start a band. Jam Sessions! Practice rooms for music students are often open for non-music majors; have practice there. Or use a vacant dorm lobby.
    7. Pay homage to your favorite artist; visit their grave.
    8. Write music reviews for the school newspaper or local idie media source. Check out my attempt at a music review.
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